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10k White Gold Oval Blue Topaz And Diamond Ring (Size 10)

Price:USD 219.99
  • Beautiful complimentary gift box included with this purchase
  • Setting made entirely with genuine solid 10 karat gold
  • Main stone size: 7x5 mm. All gemstones are genuine
  • 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee


Brand, Seller, or Collection NameDirect-Jewelry
Item Dimensions0.25 inches
Package Quantity1
Part NumberRM1248W-12
Product Type NameFINERING

This 10k white gold oval blue topaz and diamond ring features a 7x5 mm genuine natural blue topaz with a 0.66 ct total weight. (Size 10)

10k rings are preferred to wear in daily use as it is hard and durable. It can be a good choice if you are not allergic or sensitive. As it is not pure gold jewellary some time it proves to be allergic to some people. But it is not the issue for everyone.

Blue ring has an attracting property as blue is very iconic color. If you are wearing blue ring in a party it caught everyone eye. It looks very traditional and royal. As it is designed with precious gemstone it is very shiny and glittering. It has sparkling effect and gains every one attraction in the party.

Diamonds and other gemstones are weighted in carats. Don’t confuse yourself with karat and carat, in gold karat refers to the gold purity. In diamond carat is divided into 100 points. Diamond ring is more valuable when you buy more colorless diamond ring. Colorless diamonds are of higher quality grade.

Gold is considered as the precious metal. It has its own properties that make it favorite of everyone. Gold Ring is the most favourite ornament that women like. Gold Rings designs are available in very good range. It does not require pure gold in their making. It can be made from alloyed gold also.

Oval ring are the stunning choice as engagement ring. Distinctive, romantic and feminine curves of oval cut stone or diamond makes it elegant and best ring for your engagement ceremony. Oval cut engagement ring is the way to symbolize your love. They offer fantastic sparkle and more unique designs.

White gold has almost 50% of gold, and it is much softer than other metal piece of jewelry White rings needs cleaning time to time as it retains losing shine and sparkle property. White gold rings are available in different impurities. White rings tend to be more valuable than other metal rings.

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