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14k White Gold Solid Knife Edge Wedding Band

Appealing Wedding BandsAM-024-14k-W-3.0-2.0-12.5
Price:USD 293.07
  • Genuine Solid 14k Gold. Made in USA (New York)
  • Free Ring Sizing, Free High Quality Ring Box


Brand, Seller, or Collection NameAppealing Wedding Bands
Item Dimensions3 mm
LabelAppealing Wedding Bands
ManufacturerAppealing Wedding Bands
Part NumberAM-024-14k-W-3.0-2.0-12.5
Product Type NameFASHIONRING
PublisherAppealing Wedding Bands
StudioAppealing Wedding Bands

14k White Gold Classic Wedding Band

Material : 14k Gold also available 14K, 18K and 950 Platinum
Color : Available in Yellow, White, Rose and Two Tone
Finish : Polished
Width : 3 mm
Thickness : 2 mm
Weight: 4.92 grams approximately

Fit : Comfort Fit
Code : AM-CL-024

-Price is for one ring any size.

-Handmade item, specifically crafted for you.

-All rings are available in full, half or quarter sizes.

-We can manufacture using 10K, 14K Gold, 18K Gold, Palladium or 950 Platinum in White, Yellow or Rose Gold. Wedding bands are hallmarked according to their metal type.

-All of our jewelry is Solid Gold or Platinum. We do NOT sell Filled, Hollow or Plated Jewelry. We only sell natural diamonds.

-We offer Free Engraving & Free Re-Finishing & Free Shipping.

-Finishing Options are: Hammered, Brushed, Satin or Shiny.

-Engraving Fonts are : Arial, Script, Roman, Block and Contemporary.

14k contains 58.5% of gold. It is ideal for fine jewellery. 14k Rings are designed by using 14k gold. Pure gold is very soft for everyday wear that is why jewellery are design using alloyed gold. 14k Rings design ranges are very popular these days as people like stones in their design.

Band Rings are the symbol of love and meeting soul. A droplet of love, interweaving of hearts and touch of soul can never become possible without band ring. Egyptian people wore this kind of ring as a memory of love. It signifies their bonding, love, marital enthusiasm and togetherness with their partner.

The pure form of gold is known as 24K, but it is too soft for jewelry purpose. So, it is mixed with different metals to strengthen it. In European standard 18k gold is used for jewelry which is 75% pure where as 14k gold ring is the most popular choice and affordable.

Solid Rings are simply rings that are made from gold or other metals. Solid rings are also made from alloyed metals and alloyed gold. It is also made from 14k, 18k,20k and 22k gold. Alloyed gold solid rings are cheaper than pure gold rings as it contain other metals also.

Wedding is the ring that indicates that the wearer is married. It is given to both bride and groom at the time of their marriage. It is usually made from metal like gold, silver, platinum or any other precious metal. Wedding ring is very important for married couple. It signifies bond of their relationship.

White ring is a ring with a pure gemstone. White gold rings crafted with diamond surround. It has a glittering square cut. Feel like princes with this sparkling 3/5 carat ring. Rings are available in I to S sizes. It can be worn as best ornamental jewelry piece around your finger.

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