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14k Yellow Gold 3mm Dome Wedding Band Medium Weight - Size 8.5

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This 14k Gold Plain Dome Wedding Band is 3.00mm wide and approximately 1.50mm thick, and is rounded on the inside. The ring pictured has a Shiny finish. We offer a range of finishes including, Shiny, Satin, Brush, Matte and Hammered finishes. Our classic dome wedding bands are not only dome-shaped on the top of the ring, but are also rounded on the inside of the band, creating a comfort fit for constant wear that will not pinch the skin and still slides easily on and off of the finger. Many retailers today make their rings hollow in an effort to cut costs. At WeddingBandsWholesale.com, you can be sure that your ring is 100% solid gold or platinum, handmade and finished by our expert design team, creating the absolute best value for your money. Whether you choose from our plain wedding bands, or one of our ornately designed wedding bands, all of our wedding rings are individually handcrafted - not cut off a tube by a machine, so you can be sure that your ring is a special piece of craftsmanship handmade just for you by one of our skilled craftsmen, right here in the USA.

Many jewelry purchasers often get confused between 14k and 10K gold. But 14K karat is actually a better choice. As 14K gold contains more precious metals. 14K gold is equivalent to 59.3% pure gold. 14K gold ring is always expensive and if people buy 10K gold is only due to its cheap price.

Stylish Band Ring that are embedded with platinum and diamond are very popular. These kinds of band rings are mostly popular among youngsters. They generally prefer band ring for their partner. It shows their love and concern towards the other. Band rings prices are very attractive people can choose it according to their budget.

Gold is considered as the precious metal. It has its own properties that make it favorite of everyone. Gold Ring is the most favourite ornament that women like. Gold Rings designs are available in very good range. It does not require pure gold in their making. It can be made from alloyed gold also.

Wedding ring and wedding band are given at the time of marriage. Both wedding ring and wedding band means the same and serves the same purpose. Man wore wedding bands, it is simple in design. But women wears wedding ring. It is decorative, feminine and stylish than simple wedding band.

Yellow Rings adds splash of freshness, uniqueness and shine to your jewellary collection. Yellows rings are also made in 18k yellow or white gold. The main feature of yellow ring is its sparkling yellow sapphire, glitter and beautiful designs. Yellow sapphire gives them a tone of different yellow tones.

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