6 Points You Should Know Before Buying Akoya Pearls

Akoya pearls are the pearls of finest quality having incredible luster and perfect round shape. Pearls are loved by the whole world especially the brides. Nowadays pearls are becoming a choice as engagement rings or otherwise and these pearls are on the top list. These are found in the waters of Japan and China. They are so named because they come from the Akoya oyster. These cultured pearls were founded by Kokichi Mikimoto who is today known as the father of cultured pearls.

If you are planning to buy these pearls here are some points that will educate you about everything you must know before buying pearl rings or other pearl jewelry:

1. How do these pearls look?

Akoya pearl is also known as a classic pearl and is used in making the finest pearl jewelry. These are saltwater pearls having a perfectly round shape. Their shape makes them the best fit for making finest jewelry. They are very bright having a mirror-like luster. Unless color treated, these pearls come in neutral colors like white and cream with some overtones of pink, blue and green. However, blue and pink color Akoya pearls are very rare. These do not come in black color.

The Akoya oyster is the smallest pearl-making oyster in the world. The size of these pearls range from 3mm-10mm however, an average Akoya pearl is 7mm. Other than this the very rare Akoya pearl sizes are of 1mm or 11mm.

2. How are these pearls formed?

These pearls come from the salty waters of Japan and China and to some extent from Australia, Thailand, and Vietnam. However, Japan is the undisputed king in the production of Akoya pearls. They are formed in the depths of the calm seas in the range of 1-5 meters. Their formation needs a stable temperature of around 15 to 23 degrees. This perfect climate is the reason behind the unbeatable luster of these pearls. These pearls are cultured pearls which mean that these pears are human creations.

The pearl making tissues are attached to the donor oyster. A pearl sac forms on it and gradually results in the formation of nacre also called the mother of pearl.

3. Why are they considered better than another type of pearl?

Akoya pearls are more lustrous than the traditional pearls. They have a round shape, unlike the oval shaped fresh water pearls. The Akoya oyster generally makes only two or three pearls in one harvest as compared to the normal pearls that make around five pearls on an average. However, the traditional pearls too make the best jewelry, but the Akoya pearls are preferred more to make the best quality pearl jewelry.

4. How should you choose the best Akoya pearl?

Akoya pearl jewelry is the best type of jewelry choice for every one regardless of the gender and age. Pearls have been loved by men and women since ages. The question arises what factors should be considered while choosing a pearl? The things which should be kept in mind while buying are as follows:

  • Quality- the quality of a pearl is must so that it may look evergreen. However, there is no set standard for buying pearls, but you could always compare and find out the best quality pearl.
  • Color- the color of a pearl is the most important factor as it enhances its beauty and looks. Pearl come in white and cream color. However, akoya pearls may have some overtone of a secondary color. Here are some suggestions which would help you to buy the right type of overtone in a pearl:
  1. Rose overtone- the pink color warms up the skin and makes it look sparkly. This type of overtone would complement people with fair complexion. It looks great when these pearls are paired with some gold claps.
  2. Silver overtone- this is the most popular type of overtone as the green and blue hues which are naturally present cools down the overall appearance of a pearl. This type of overtone looks perfect on dusky beauties as it appears brighter and bigger.
  3. Cream overtone- this is the most commonly seen overtone in pearls. These are classic pearls of all. They look best on everyone and superb when clamped with yellow gold.
  • Shape- this is a criterion which generally depends on the buyer. Akoya pearl range from 1mm to 11mm. The most founded shape of this pearl is of 6-7 mm.
  • Care- the tips regarding the care of pearl should be kept in mind before buying it as the pearl can last a lifetime if they are taken care of. It’s important to keep them away from chemicals and harsh treatments. To keep the pearl in their best state, it is recommended to wear them often as the natural body oil helps them to retain their luster.
  • Surface markings- sometimes the pearls may experience some spots or bubbles on its surface which form at the time of the layering process. The buyer must be aware of these markings. Pearls with a spotless and smooth surface are of the finest quality.

Above points are some suggestions which you must keep in mind while making a purchase of pearl.

5. Why are these pearls so rare?

The Akoya pearls are said to be the rarest of the pearl. They stand on the 3rd rank in the list of the rarest pearls. Their perfectly round shape make them fit for rings, and other jewelry and their glossy and lustrous look makes them stand out. These pears are preferred by men and women all around the world irrespective of their age. Also, the reason which makes Akoya pearls so rare is that the Akoya oyster produces only two or three pearls in a single harvest and therefore it can be said that he demand of these pearls are more than its supply. Because of their outstanding features and long-lasting life, these pearls are said to be the rarest of the rare.

6. What is the range of pearl prices? What are the factors which influence their prices?

The pearl you buy should worth its price. You don’t want to give away any extra wealth. To ensure the prices of the pearl are worth it, you need to consider some of the factors that play important role in price regulation:

  • Pearl type- the type of pearl you are choosing tells the price of the pearl. Akoya pearl is said to be more valuable than other traditional pearls due to their exceptional features.
  • Size- size is obviously the direct influence of the pearl price. Bigger the size of the pearl higher will be its prices. Other than that the rare sizes of Akoya pearls are several times more valuable than the pearls of average size.
  • Color- the color and overtones of Pearl decides its pricing. The rare overtones and body color of pearl make it precious than others. The pink and white color pearl is included in the highest pearl price category. Cream color pearls will usually be less in price as compared to the white and pink colored pearls whereas the dark yellow or dark cream colored pearls will be 40% cheaper than pink and white Akoya pearls.
  • Shape- Akoya pearls rare round shape makes them valuable than regular shaped pearls. Pearls with irregular or baroque shape are lower in price.
  • Luster- the shine of a pearl enhances its beauty manifold times, and that is the reasons why Pearl with remarkable luster like that of Akoya pearl cost more than other pearls with low shine. Light reflecting, shape reflecting, glow on Pearl makes them have the best luster.
  • Surface- Pearl with smooth and spotless surface cost higher than those who have spots or bubbles.
  • Nacre thickness- in the case of cultured pearl like Akoya the nacre plays a very important role in its quality because if the nacre is thick, the quality of the pearl will be higher. Therefore the pearls with thicker nacre cost more.

These were the top 6 points that everyone should know about the highest quality pearls in the world. But apart from this, there is another serious issue regarding these cultured Akoya pearls. People often confuse the cultured pearls with the synthetic pearls. It, therefore, becomes necessary to distinguish between cultured pearls and manmade synthetic pearls.

  • The cultured pearls are produced by nature, and therefore there can be seen some fingerprints of mollusk on it whereas the synthetic pearls have a smooth finish.
  • If you scrap the surface of the pearl you could find a gritty or sandpaper like texture on the cultured pearl and the synthetic pearl on the other the hand has smooth plastic like finish on them.

You can always consult an expert otherwise. Cultured pearls are a type of natural pearl whereas synthetic pearls are totally man made.

It will not be wrong if it is said that pearls are one of the most precious gems and is desirable by everyone. After following the suggestions and tips to be followed before buying an Akoya pearl, your experience of purchasing a pearl would turn out to be the best.