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e-Weddingbands 7mm Diagonal Cut Triton White Tungsten Wedding Band - 13

Price:USD 229.00
  • Bright White Tungsten
  • Comfort-fit
  • Combination Finish
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Brand, Seller, or Collection Namee-Weddingbands
Item Dimensions7 mm
Part Number200-11-2215HC-13
Product Type NameFASHIONRING

One of the hottest new tungsten styles! This unique 7mm Triton white tungsten wedding band features highly polished but subtle diagonal cuts against a permanently laser-etched brush finished background. The raised center section is bordered by rounded step-down edges and completes this handsome style. This durable wedding band was cut from a solid piece of Triton TC.850 tungsten carbide, a formula that is scratch resistant, forever polished, and patented for strength. Triton's micro-grain structure insures that each ring has a strength and hardness factor of 8.5 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness as compared to a factor of 10 for a diamond. This classic wedding band combines the highest quality tungsten carbide in the world with a modern and contemporary look to create its unique appeal. Softened edges and a comfort-fit interior place it among our most comfortable wedding bands! Classic style and unbeatable durability, this wedding band complements both casual and formal attire.

Band rings are heat resistant and non-conductive, they offers a good level of protection. It comes in many forms of metal usually people prefer gold, silver and diamond. These rings are highly malleable and soft. Earlier it was worn by Egyptians but now it comes in wide designs and in different metals.

Cut rings are brighter as compared to other rings. The color of diamonds is not change for a long use. It looks very beautiful because the diamond is cut in an attractive from. Diamonds is very easily and simply to fit in cut rings. These rings are also available in sets.

The craze of rose gold is increasing day by day. Due to this reason mostly couple want to wear those wedding ring which is made from rose gold. Along with this some couples want to wear white gold wedding rings because it is free from all types of infections and inflammations.

White gold is a white metal which is similar to silver. The whiter shade of white ring is classified by its color. It does not contain grayish tone just like silver. It is has lots of shining and brightness. It is very moderate on the skin. It is very useful for those people who have sensitive skin.

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