How To Buy The South Sea Pearl Rings By Considering Value Factors?

If you are thinking to buy pearl jewelry, you will find so many different pearls in the market. You should buy the cultured pearls that are not only natural pearls but also real pearls. There are many types of cultured pearls like Akoya and Freshwater pearls. But, the South Sea Pearls have exceptional quality over these two pearls. Therefore, South Sea Pearl rings are the pearl rings that are rich in qualities and finishing. By choosing this ring, you can get attractive as well as fashionable pearl ring. These rings are exceptionally good as the engagement rings. The rings made by south sea pearl can be one of the best choices as a valuable and outstanding gift for close friends.

Why the South Sea Pearl rings remarkably recognized good rings?

The reason behind the elegance of the rings made by South Sea Pearls is the qualities of these pearls. There are many excellent qualities acquired by the south sea pearls. The average size of this pearl is much greater than the normal pearl. Additionally, the roundness, as well as smoothness of these pearls, is nice. It makes the South Sea Pearl rings remarkably excellent jewelry and makes it as a good-looking ring. Furthermore, the brightness and sharpness of it are very high. The reason is the high luster of the South Sea Pearls that result into bright reflections. The south sea pearls are not only used in the rings but also used in the necklace, earrings, bracelets and pendants. It improves the gorgeousness of the jewelry and has many good qualities.

About the South Sea Pearls

If you are thinking to buy the rings or other jewelry made by South Sea Pearls, you should know about these pearls. Basically, South Sea Pearls are a type of cultured pearls. Now, they are mainly produced in the saltwater areas of the Indian and Pacific oceans. The countries in which these pearls are produced include mainly Australia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. However, they are not available abundant as the freshwater pearls and considered as the outstanding, but rare pearls that people can find in the jewelry. Furthermore, due to the difficult cultivation of south sea pearls, the cost of these pearls becomes high. Hence, these pearls are more expensive than other types of cultured pearls in the market.

Why the value factors are necessary to consider?

Either you are buying South Sea pearl earrings or south sea pearl rings, you must be informed about this cultured pearls. You must find out the value factors of the south sea pearl and buy using evaluating the value factors. Among all the types of cultured pearls, it is the most costly and rarest pearl. These saltwater pearls are expensive, and hence you must have to go through the value factors of the pearl. Take your time in deciding the right ring by evaluating all the important value factor.

Value factors of any cultured pearl have a great significance in determining the quality of that pearl. By this, you can recognize an original as well as good quality pearl ring. You must have to judge a pearl ring by considering these factors properly at the jewelry shop. It will be helpful to you to buy the best South Sea Pearl rings with ease.

How to judge a south sea pearl by the value factors?

The common value factors for reviewing a pearl are luster, size, shape and surface. While you are choosing the right ring, you should consider all the four factors correctly into consideration. Tips on judging south sea pearls are given below.

Pearl luster

It is one of the essential value factors regarding the pearl selection. The luster of the pearl ring has a huge concern for all the buyers. Luster usually represents the reflection intensity as well as the sharpness of the surface of the gem. If you buy poor luster gem for your ring, it will not look like bright and good. The luster can be verified by looking at the pearl. If you found the look like just a mirror at the surface of the pearl, it has the perfect luster, and it can be the best South Sea Pearl.

Pearl shape

Commonly, the south sea pearls come in the shape of less round and almost round comparing with other pearls. It increases their uniqueness as well as their excellent look. You should check the roundness of the pearl of the ring to get the right ring. If you find many irregularities, do not consider that ring. However, due to their roundness, the South Sea Pearl rings are not only the rare rings but also the luxurious rings for the people. If you buy this ring, you can get the modern, versatile and surprising ring.

Pearl surface

Another primary value factor to notice for the buyers is the surface of a pearl. They can find out the originality of the pearls by checking the surface of the pearls. The smooth surface indicates the fake pearl, while the bit gritty surface indicates the real cultured south sea pearl. You should notice the surface of the pearls before buying them.

Pearl size

South Sea Pearls can be best for necklaces, as they are larger in size over almost all other types of pearls. Similarly, the large size of this pearl makes it superior for South Sea Pearl rings for engagement. However, you must remember that as the size increases, the price of the pearl also increases. Due to the big size, it can be uncomfortable for some people. The range of size of this cultured pearl is around 8mm to 20 mm and pearls of 12mm and 13mm are most common.

The color of the pearl of the ring has a great importance

Although you check the pearl by all the four factors for knowing its value and quality, keep in mind to decide the best color. Commonly, south sea pearls come in different colors. These colors are white, black, golden and silver colors. The white color comes in optic white and a creamy hue in the case of a south sea pearl. The black pearl comes in the range in dark or plum green over stones and rich navy blue gems. Other colors like the pink as well as soft blue hues also come in these pearls. However, the south sea pearl featuring the color as a peacock green undertone is one of the most valuable pearls in this category.

Golden South Sea Pearls

If you want to purchase excellent South Sea Pearl rings and decide the color for it, the golden color can be a good option. But, the golden pearls are not only the most costly but one of the rarest pearls among all the types of south sea pearls. They usually come from the saltwater areas of the Philippines and Indonesia. The size of the golden pearls started from 9mm, and they have very large shape. In this color category of the South Sea Pearl, the colors included are soft glowing cream, bright gold, and champagne colors. Furthermore, the silver pearls are very rare and considered as the luxury pearl for the rings and other jewelry.

Good Nacre Quality

Lastly, the thick nacre of the south sea pearls along with their large size makes them extremely valuable. This type of pearls is not easily available, but you can find it on some jewelry shops. The thicker the nacre of a cultured pearl, the pearl will be more durable as well as lustrous. Therefore, the nacre quality of this pearl is better among cultured pearls.

Things to remember for buying the South Sea Pearl rings

The South Sea Pearls are recognized as one of the highly expensive pearls in the market. So, if you buy the South Sea Pearl rings from the market, it can be expensive. But do not forget that these pearls are the luxurious, attractive, modern and most valuable pearls for the rings and other jewelry. Thus, even they are costly; you can buy them by considering the value factors. You should not forget to consider the shape, surface, size and luster value factor before the purchase of the rings. Simultaneously, you should have to select the best colors for the rings.

You have to wisely choose the best jewelry shop for buying these pearls. The people at that shop must have complete knowledge regarding the South Sea Pearl and the jewelry made by it. The shop must have original pearls with providing good customer service. If you are buying expensive rings made by the South Sea Pearl, you should also check the jewelry shop. An improper shop can provide you fake pearls at a high price. So, choose the reliable as well as suitable shop for buying these pearls safely.

If you want to go to online shopping of these pearls, you must check the background of the online jewelry store. Check the professional grading system and customer reviews about the services of the store. Verify the shipping charges and return policy of the online store. Thus, it will help you to buy original South Sea Pearl rings from the market. You can make a perfect balance between the price and value to buy rings that have South Sea Pearls.