Ideas for Cheap Class Rings

Class rings are a great way to commemorate the end of high school or college. The problem is finances. You don’t want to spend a fortune on getting one of these rings made, and you definitely don’t have to. There are plenty of ideas for cheap class rings, as long as you know where to look. Here are some of the perfect types for you.

Have a Simple Engraving for Class Rings

Some rings can look big and have too much going on. If you have delicate hands, you will want something delicate and simple to match. This is where engravings are perfect. You could have a basic diamond or gemstone ring, and then have an engraving around the top of the band for the significance. All you really need is the date that you graduated, and whether you belonged to a specific team, sorority, or fraternity.

Of course, you can have as much as or little engraved as you want. It often looks beautiful on a silver band that has one simple gemstone, whether it is your favorite or matches your birthstone. You can also have the engravings where you want. Some people prefer to keep them on the inside of the ring to make it more personal, while others want it all around the outside of the ring.

Here are some ideas for engravings that can be adapted from engagement rings and into class rings.

Include the School Emblem on Your Cheap Class Rings

The next option is the school emblem. All schools have some type of logo—you may even want to include your team emblem if you were part of one. This can be engraved somewhere onto the ring, or you can have one specifically designed with the emblem to sit around a gem. This will depend on your budget. The more detail you add, the more expensive the rings will be.

If you want to keep the cost completely down, you could opt for a black ring around the gem. This then has the school name instead of an emblem. It is a great way to remember the school that you graduated from, and you will always look back and smile at the memories. If it’s not the school but the team you want to remember, have that added instead.

Take a look at some of these Jeff Cooper rings to find something to start the basis for your perfect ring to remember your school years.

Class rings come in all shapes and sizes. There is no specific design that you need to opt for, and there is no definite engraving that you need. The important factor is to make it something that you want to wear for the rest of your life. The best thing to do is often buy a ring that you love and have it engraved. This could be with your graduation year, the school name, or even events that you want to remember. It really helps to ensure you get cheap class rings for your budget.