Know Some More About Diamonds: Get The Best Red Diamond Rings

Among the era of change and development there have been various fashion trends to mesmerize the people throughout the globe. These trends have been related to various articles in the lifestyle and also in relation to jewelry. Jewelry has been among the most important usable for women around the world. In consideration to jewelries, diamonds have been holding the top most places since a long time. Thus their use remains the one to be unchanged. Some of the most beautiful creations have been red diamonds. Therefore red diamond rings have been the mostly demanded jewelry pieces by many of the jewelry lovers.

Diamonds composed of some most complex structures have some special features and qualities which are to be considered while getting the best ones for you. There are many things to know which will determine the quality of the diamonds and diamond rings you’ve got. This content will focus completely on all about red diamonds and the best tips to select one for you. Red diamonds are some of the most sought colored stones. These are not at all cheap. Therefore there is a need to be careful while you buy such stones for you or your loved ones.

Red Diamonds: What Are They?

Red diamonds are some of the most beautiful creations on earth. Also these are among the most expensive and rarest diamonds found. The red color of these diamonds arises through the structural abnormalities and unique chemical properties in them. Therefore red diamond rings are something different when it comes to jewelry choices. Naturally occurring red diamonds are mined usually from Brazil and Australia. However because of the finest looks these red diamonds have been the choices of many more people around the world.

Exclusivity of The Fancy Color

The consumers and diamond lovers have always been finding for something new in their interests. These red diamonds are the ones to fulfill all the demands of the consumers with their extremely elegant looks and features. Colored diamonds have been the latest demands of the customers these days. It sounds a bit different and unique to get colored diamonds rather than having the ones which are colorless. However colored diamonds are usually rare to be found naturally.

Rarest Of the Rare

These are the rarest diamonds on earth. These are so rare that you cannot find even handful of these at a time. Therefore getting red diamond rings can be a bit difficult for the ones in case you have smaller budgets. Because of being rare these are known to have higher prices. So you need to ensure that you have sufficient funds while purchasing these diamonds for your loved ones or for you. These diamonds are known to be beyond purview of the celebrity life however. Over this their rarity makes it almost impossible to get a perfect one carat diamond.

However this content is going to help you with how to get a perfect and best quality red diamond and the best red diamond rings.

Different Shades of Red

Unlike the other colors available in diamonds there are no considerable variation in the shades of red diamonds. Therefore these cannot be distinguished like fancy, vivid or intense red. In fact the color red can be considered as the saturation of the pink shade to certain different levels. Therefore color cannot be the reason for great consideration while buying red diamond rings. You may get almost similar shades in all the diamonds. However there are many different modifiers that are attached to these shades of red color. Purplish red is known to be the most pleasing shades in red diamonds. You can find some substitutes to this shade however these are a bit brownish or orangey.

Therefore you can find a wide range as pr your wishes and needs. You may also need to consider some other points so that you are able to get the best diamonds.

Evaluate the Quality of Diamonds

The grading of red diamonds is also done in the similar way to other white diamonds. This grading considers the quality and degrees of the four Cs related top diamonds: Color, Carat, Clarity and Cut of the diamonds. However the quality of the color is responsible for the grade of the diamonds unlike in the case of colorless diamonds. Therefore here is a detailed description of all the factors necessary to be considered for the perfect select of red diamonds and red diamond rings.


The color of red diamonds is evaluated and graded on the basis of the purity of the hues in the stone. The evenness of this hue is also important to be considered. There are many different degrees of red. These are as follows: Very light red, Faint red, Light Red, Fancy red, fancy intense red, Fancy Light Red, Fancy dark red, Fancy Vivid Red and fancy deep red. These are some varieties which are created due to different hues of red color. You can select the best options as per your choice and tastes. The perfect color of the diamond will enhance the beauty and features of the rings that you are going to have.

There can also be some secondary hues to the red color of the diamond therefore you can have a wide choice before you. These secondary colors are some of the most valuable shades when it comes to red diamond rings. The intensity of the color is one of the most important features of red diamonds therefore you need to give considerable importance to this point. More saturated red hues in diamonds are the ones which are more valuable. However due to personal preferences the color of the red diamonds can be given secondary place in their selection. When considering color of the diamond, color distribution is also important to be considered.


The clarity of these diamonds is evaluated in the same way like in the case of colorless, white diamonds. In some stones there are very few but visible flaws, the fewer the flaws, the higher is the clarity grading of the diamonds. The high clarity diamonds are known to be expensive in respect to the low grade ones. However imperfections are less visible in these due to their perfect color. Therefore the clarity diamonds are not easy to identify as these hide in the intensity of the perfect red color. Therefore even if the diamonds are of low clarity it would not affect the quality of the red diamond rings, they will be elegant then also.


In general terms, the diamonds that are bigger in size are more expensive that the others. However when considering red diamonds it is difficult to find the best 1 carat diamond. And being rare, the ones with high carat weights are more expansive as compared to others. Therefore if you want a diamond with the highest carat wrights then you need to be prepared to pay a considerable price for it. Therefore it can be said that the carat weight of a diamond will be affecting its price in a great way. It is therefore not a compulsion to go for the highest carat rates your satisfaction matters the most.


Unlike the white diamonds, the red diamonds are cut to give them the perfect color and not brilliance. Therefore this is a misunderstanding that cuts can only enhance the brilliance. Therefore the cuts hold special place for red diamonds and these cuts are not as important for white diamonds as for the red ones. Therefore the beauty of the red diamond rings can be said to be in the cutting style as it would make it more intense and elegant. Therefore cuts can also be said to have secondary importance for red diamonds.

A Cheaper Alternative: Artificially Colored Diamonds

The natural red diamonds being rare and extremely expensive, there have been various new ways of creating artificial red diamonds. These artificial diamonds have exactly the same appearance like the natural ones. The only thing is they have an artificially created color. These artificial features make the diamonds affordable for everyone due to their less -price. However this does not have any effects on the quality of the red diamond rings. The artificial red color is given to the diamond using some specific chemical processes. These have the same compositions like the real diamonds therefore these cannot be considered as fake.

You can freely go for these synthetic diamonds as there is a very slight difference between these. There will be equal satisfaction with these diamonds like with the natural ones. Thus you are availed with the best choices as per your budget and desires to fulfill your wishes for red diamond rings. You can get the best diamonds in a varied range of both colors and prices to gift your loved ones with some best ones. Red diamonds can now be affordable to you also because of these new technological and chemical advancements.

Therefore this content will surely help you to get the best red diamond rings as per your choices and at the best prices.