Love Of Royalty - The Pink Diamond Rings

Ornaments can be called lifeblood of any women and diamonds obviously top the list. They look spectacular as the addition to your jewelry box. Diamond rings are loved by women since ages especially when it comes to the colored diamonds. The pink diamonds rings among the colored diamonds are one of the most favorite options for rings and especially engagement rings.

What is a pink diamond?

Pink diamonds can mesmerize everyone who looks at them. They can do magic and trap anyone in their sparkle and absolute beauty. These diamonds are the rarest of the rare. They are known for inducing a sense of beauty luxury and romance. As denoted by their name these diamonds have a touch of pink shade and are lustrous and sparkling. These diamonds are included in the range of colored diamonds are the most scarce among them.

How do pink diamonds look?

These diamonds come in various shades of pink. The list of various shades is below:

  • Faint
  • Very light pink
  • Light pink
  • Fancy light
  • Fancy intense pink
  • Fancy deep
  • Fancy vivid pink

Apart from these colors the pink diamonds often experience some secondary hues or an additional color. The additional colors which are most common in pink colored diamonds are purple, orange and brown. These colors can also be called as brown pink, purple, pink or orange, pink diamonds. Sometimes the modifier color or the secondary color is very weak and only give a hint of their presence.

It’s not that the colored diamonds have low shine or reflection; they are as shiny and lustrous as another diamonds. Pink diamonds are shiny, beautiful, and magnificent with a perfect cut.

How are pink diamonds formed?

Diamonds are said to be earth’s messengers. They are extracted from deep inside the earth’s crust and bring along them the most interesting facts about the earth. There is a formation process of each type of colored diamond, but anything about the formation of pink diamonds has not been certified yet.

It is however said that while the diamond is forced into the earth, they somehow alter which cause a deformation which makes the diamond absorb light differently and reflect a pink hue.

Most of the color diamonds experience some or the other type of impurity, but pink diamonds is those colored diamond in which no impurity has been found till date.

From where pink diamonds come?

Brazil, South Africa, Siberia, Russia, Tanzania, and Canada are the major pink diamond producing places. However, Australia is also one of the places to supply these breath taking beauties. The finest quality pink diamond comes from the Argyle mine in Australia.

Why are pink diamonds so rare?

These diamonds are the rarest of the rare. The top 7 reasons why these diamonds are so rare are as follows:

  1. There is very limited gemological information available about them.
  2. It is said that out of 1 million carats of the rough diamonds that is produced by a mine only and only one carat of pink diamond are suitable to sell.
  3. The colored diamonds are said to be only 1% of the availability of diamonds, and pink diamonds are said to be the 1% of that 1%.
  4. They are purest of all colored diamonds available
  5. Found in very fewer places of the world.
  6. Their desirability is manifold times more than its availability.
  7. Pink diamonds having no secondary color are very rare.

Their scarcity makes them highly valuable. They can be said 20 times more valuable than any equivalent white diamond.

Evaluation of the color of pink diamond rings

To evaluate a diamond is a very important task for you as they are a onetime investment. Therefore before evaluating a pink diamond the main three things which should be considered are: saturation, hue, and tone.

  • Saturation- this means the stone color intensity. The more saturated colored diamonds are the most expensive ones. Therefore diamonds with dark pink shade will be more valuable than faint pink color. The most valuable pink diamonds have a saturation which is close to red.
  • Hue- Hue refers to the color which is visible in a colored diamond. It is needless to mention that the primary hue of a pink diamond is obviously pink. There can be many secondary hues to a pink diamond. The color of secondary hue also plays as an important factor which could regulate its price. Orange and purple overtones are the most desirable among all overtones.
  • Tone- Tone helps in determining how much intense of the color of the diamond is. What kind of tone to be chosen depends on the preference of the buyer.

What should you consider before purchasing a diamond ring?

As stated above, investments in diamonds are an important task, and one must choose their diamond wisely. Important points that should be given importance before buying a pink diamond ring are:

  • Check whether your pink diamond is GIA certified or not as without that you cannot be sure about the purity of your diamond
  • Make sure that you don’t confuse the GIA certificate with IGI certificate or gemological certificate.
  • You must be sure of the shape of your diamond. The round brilliant cut, princes' cut, and cousion cut are said to be one of the most popular shapes in diamond rings.
  • You must be clear about the amount of wealth you can spend on the diamond. After deciding the budget, you can look for the suitable shape and type of diamond. Your total budget should be equal to diamond price and settings price.
  • After deciding upon the budget the next step is to decide what carat weight you would prefer.
  • After the carat weight, you should set minimum cut quality. The cut of a diamond is one of the most important characteristics that denotes the quality of a diamond. It is suggested to prefer the best diamond cut.
  • Set minimum color. By saying set a minimum color, it means to choose a color according to the setting you choose for your ring. There can be many setting like gold, platinum, with side stones, etc.
  • After following above step, you must set the minimum clarity that is acceptable to you.
  • Ensure that your diamond has the best cleanliness with no defects and impurity. To do this, you will have to look closely to each diamond.
  • Examine all additional characteristic that is important to ensure the quality of a diamond. Some of the additional diamond characteristics are:
  1. Fluorescence- it is the property of diamond which exhibits glow or light. Diamonds having strong fluorescence become hazy in normal light so diamonds with medium fluorescence must be chosen. Faint fluorescence also does not give a good effect.
  2. Culet- this refers to the face present at the bottom of the stone. It should be small, or none as the bigger ones look like a dark hole.
  3. Girdle- it refers to the edge of the stone or its widest part. Thin or slightly thick girdle are considered better.
  • The final step in choosing your diamond is to compare it with other diamonds.

How are grades of pink diamonds set?

When the pink diamonds are graded on their color, it also means that they are graded on the basis of their intensity. More intense colored diamonds have higher grades.

What effect the price of pink diamond rings?

Pink diamonds are one of the most precious diamonds available on earth today. Their price is obviously very high. They are said to be 20 times costlier than other white diamonds of the same kind. The scarcity of these diamonds is one of the main characters that make them valuable.

However, it is said that there are main 4C’s that influence the price of the diamond. They are carat, clarity, cut and color. Apart from these the secondary colors of diamonds also influence its prices. The secondary colors which are rarely found in a pink diamond are costlier as compared to those which are common and easily available. The rarely found overtones in a pink diamond are: purple, orange and green. Yellow and brown overtone pink diamond is commonly found.

Pink diamonds and pink sapphires

People very often confuse pink diamonds with pink sapphires however they look same but have many differences.

  • Pink diamonds have all the property of a diamond whereas pink sapphire is counted under gems.
  • Sapphire is not that expensive as pink diamonds
  • Their shine and luster are comparatively less than pink diamond.
  • Pink diamonds generally have light color whereas pink sapphires are available in various colors and shapes. They may look as light as a pink diamond and may have dark colors too.

Pink sapphire can, however, be a choice for those pink diamond lovers who can't afford them. Many brides these days are choosing these gems as their engagement rings. There is no doubt why the top most style icons choose pink diamond rings. It is said that from Queen Elizabeth to Victoria, these diamonds were love of all the royalties.