Resin Rings – How To Make A DIY Resin Jewelry?

When we think about the word jewelry, then we mainly think about diamond and gold jewelry. However, the concept of jewelry has been changed a little bit as now women love to jewelry that is not originated from the above things. Resin jewelry is now in trend plus such type of jewelry is affordable and easy to carry. Along with this, one can make resin rings very quickly at home. Before it, let’s know what exactly resign is?

Resin rings & jewelry

The resin is a chemical substance that is used to make resin jewelry. To make jewelry from it, one has to pour some liquid into the mold and then it will transform according to the mold. So, in this way, these jewelry have been created. Besides this, one can create a different design by using a mold and get the jewelry of any size, shape, and design.

Resin flower rings

Well, no natural or artificial substance can replace diamond, but now people tends to look for beautifully designed rings. They are now wanted to wear resign rings; even many people are going for the rings that have both metal and resin. Besides this, resin flowers rings are famous these days as the people have liked its versatile and unique look.

  • Such rings are very different from the rhinestone rings or gold rings. Here, one will get a ring with a beautiful pattern on it. The ring is very colorful and offers different texture plus pattern.
  • Along with this, if you like to add wood into it then go for it. Wood makes this piece of art charming and adds the more natural look to the ring.
  • Also, they are damned cheap, so you don’t need a huge bank balance to look good. Yes, if you add something precious and expensive in it like any metal then it will make it's costly.
  • Besides this, wood resigns rings are in demand because they offer a very elegant and authentic look to the jewelry. If you want to use your favorite wood in it, then it is possible also.
  • You may have seen various celebrities that wear resign rings and it is an imperative part of every women accessory.

Wood and resin rings

Wood rings are known to many of you as various people love to have wood in their ring along with the gems or crystals. There have been many manufacturers that offer certified wood resin rings to the customers. Creating a beautiful ring is not an easy task as it requires lots of dedication and proper application of methods. For creating the perfect design, a perfect mold must be needed that will give it an idol shape. Now, here is a guide through which one can know about the right resign required for making rings.

Resin rings – about best type of resin

DIY resin rings are now in trend however it requires a lot of knowledge with a little practice to create a beautiful ring. The most important factor determines the quality of your ring is the type of resin you are using in it.

Use epoxy resigns

Taking about the about mentioned resin that it will be an excellent choice if you are a beginner. The main reason behind this suggestion is the easiness you will get from this resin. One can work with it very quickly, and it will not get affected by the environmental factors like humidity. Yes, you should be careful about its ratio as the standard ratio required for it is 1:1. In a comparison of other resins like polyester, epoxy has been a good adhesive to start with.


Many people are a big fan of resin nature rings, and for such rings, transparent resins have been used. So, if you like the clarity thing in it, then you need to buy clear resin. Along with this, clear resins are not always transparent or clear as some of them have a slight yellow tint in it. Taking about the price then its rate is usually higher than the other resins. It is because the transparent resin has been free from any impurities and thus its cost is very high. If you want an alternative of transparent resin, then you can also choose the opaque one.

Mold or no mold

I know many people think that mold has been an important stuff for making resin rings. However, different types of resins are very thick and didn’t require any mold to shape the resin. Besides this, the name of this resin is doming resin and very famous for making resin wood rings. Besides this, one needs to be careful while working on this mold as it is hard to remove any bubbles from it. So, it is better to have steady hands when you are performing this task. On the contrary, if you want to make complicated designs like flowers, shapes, and any excellent design then it is not possible without a mold.

However, not all the epoxy resin is same plus they are not equally good. Besides this, they are soft in nature due to which they get dent very easily, and it’s a very common problem faced by many people. So, it has always been better to try different types of epoxy resin or experiment with each one of them to know which one is easy for you to handle.

How to make resin rings at home?

Working with resin is kind of tricky and time plays a major role in it. Cure time and pot are two things that need to be considered while making a resin rings. Pot time refers to a time that should be necessary to cure the resin. Along with this, make sure that your workplace will be cleaned after you finished the resin making process. It has always been better to cover the work area with a wax paper so that it won’t stick on the surface. Besides this, use a clean container in which you are pouring and mixing your resin. Even a little bit of dust and debris will ruin the appearance and clarity of your rings. So, now let’s know about the process:

Ring mold

For making rings, one will need a ring mold. Also, if you want to add extra creativity to your ring like want to make resin rings with flowers inside then, you will need a different mold. Mold can be of different size and shape due to which you need to decide which size suits you best. However, flexible molding rings are an even better option to make such creative rings. The mold should be thick so that you can get a thick ring as then only it will look good.


There is a variety of resins out there but make sure that it should be free from toxins. While choosing the ring resin for you then always go for scratch resistance resin. You don’t want your handmade resin ring imperfect as it should be just flawless. As said before, epoxy rings are better than polyester one but if you like polyester then go for it. Besides this, translucent powders must be used for clarity.


After you gathered all the above mentioned then it time to use all the above stuff in a very systematic way:

  • At first, mix all the ingredients i.e. resin, colors, etc. Consider ration of the ingredients while mixing them and keep everything clean and tidy. Clarity is imperative as it leads to perfection. Measure all the ingredients carefully and then move on to further steps.
  • Now, you have to leave them for around five minutes. Well, it completely depends on the quality and type of resin as how much time does it take to cure? Besides this, always stir your resin mixture time to time. There should be no bubble into it.
  • It is better to pour a small portion of the mixture at a time as it will allow you to mix it well plus there well no to fewer bubbles in it. If you are using a glowing resin, then use the above tip and add the glowing power in installments.
  • In the next step, take out your mold and pour the mixture slowly. Keep in mind that neatness count, and it has been a good idea to clean your mold before you add mixture into it properly.
  • After that, use a flame and then use it over the top of your mold. Due to this, all the bubble that is lurking over the mold will be disappeared. However, don’t overuse it as it will burn out your mold and ring. The process is so natural that you even make eco resin rings that look breathtaking.
  • Now, let it set completely and remove it from the mold. Your ring is ready, and now you can wear it.

Resin rings are the most beautiful ornament that looks very classy and stylish. Just be sure about the method you are using for making these rings.