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Ring Guard 14K White Gold Bridal

Security Jewelers160022
Price:USD 279.32


Brand, Seller, or Collection NameSecurity Jewelers
LabelSecurity Jewelers
ManufacturerSecurity Jewelers
Part Number160022
Product Type NameFINERING
PublisherSecurity Jewelers
StudioSecurity Jewelers

Security Jewelers is an 85 year old family store located in Duluth,MN. We are members of the American Gem Society. All diamonds used in our jewelry are conflict free and 100% in compliance with the Kimberly Code of Conduct. We also are major dealers in diamonds mined in Canada. All our gold items are responsibly sourced and the majority is made from environmentally processed recycled gold. We are also members of nodirtygold.org.

14k Rings are more durable than 18k Rings. As it contain only 58.5% of gold and 41 5 of other metal. 14 k Ring are proves to be more strong than pure gold rings. Pure gold are very soft and it is not suitable for making jewellery. This is why 14k jewellery is getting popularity.

When you are looking for the purity of gold ring, and then know about the amount of gold in jewelry. The jewelry is available in 10k, 14k, 18k, 22k, and 24k. The purest form considered as 24k gold, but it is too soft to make an ornament. The 14k gold ring includes 58.5% purity which is more affordable and beautiful choice.

Guard Ring is simple metal ring designed with metals. Guard ring are designed from any of the metal. It is designed from gold, silver, palladium, stainless steel, platinum or any other metal. This ring looks very pretty and beautiful. It enhances beauty of your finger and if you wear it.

White ring is whitish metal so much like silver and is not purely made up of gold. It is actually made with a mixture of other metals and gold. When you look at it for the first time, it looks more like a silver ring, but some of its characteristics set it apart.

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