Shell Rings – A Beautiful Jewelry Derived From Sea

If you are going to marry or want to gift someone a beautiful but yes not so costly ring, then shell rings are the only option for you. Sea has been primary sources through which different pieces of jewelry have been made. Along with this, shell jewelry is in trend and preferred by many people as they are just effortlessly beautiful. Also, not only seashell but coconut shell is also used by the artist. Besides this, seashell jewelry is one of a kind, and this single piece is enough to make you beautiful. So, let’ know about it more.

What are shell rings & jewelry?

Shells are derived from the ocean and them jewelry are designed. Along with this, shells of various organic things are also great sources to make jewelry. These are the natural gift from nature and breathtaking. Many manufacturers even didn’t craft these shells and used them directly for making necklaces and rings. Regional seashells have been utilized by the artist to make a masterpiece. So, what types of jewelry are made from seashells?


There is something very different about seashell rings as they are very distinct from those expensive diamond and gold rings. Besides this, you can get the ring in which artist add shapes of butterflies and even horses. You will see a very incredible craftsmanship when a person crafts these delicate shells into very complicated designs. When it is about adding any metal to the shell ring then, platinum & gold has been the first choice of artist. Such rings are an idol if you want them for your wedding or for gifting someone. Along with this, it is used in the following jewelry:

  • Necklace: You have seen many people wearing a necklace made from the shells plus in it, various type of shells has been used. For making the necklace more beautiful, different metals and even Pearl have been added to the necklace. Sterling steel is commonly used in this type of jewelry as it adds more texture, color, look and complete the overall look of the necklace.
  • Pendants: Taking about the pendants then oyster shell has been crafted into small and beautiful pieces. Also, there are very tiny shells which need not be crafted or cut by the artist. Besides this, these shells are even crafted into beautiful designs like flowers, letters even in a particular shape or design. Along with this, some artist even adds beads in it.
  • Earrings: The shells are mainly used in earrings as people love to use them into it. Triangle, square, oval, round, etc. shape shells are used in this type of jewelry. Besides this, if you want to make it more expensive then you can go for gems and stones.
  • Bracelets: various types of shells are looking good in one's bracelet. Even other material like leather and pearls are combined to give it a fresh and stylish look.

Seashell ring – what are different types of seashell use to make rings?

It is true that nature has a plenty of things to offer us, and so is the case with shells. In some cases, seahorses, sand dollars, and starfish creatures are used in designing jewelry. So, here is some of its type:

Conic al shells

These shells are used as a centerpiece of any jewelry especially rings. Taking about it colors, and then there is no need to dye these shells. They are geometric in the pattern, and spiral effects offer unique designs for jewelry.

Puka Shells

The most famous and popular seashell is Puka. For many people, these shells are a symbol of beach vacations. Taking about its structure then it has a hole at its center, and that’s why it is known as Puka. Besides this, many people make their ring by using strings and even make a necklace from it.

Abalone shells

Seashell rings are made mainly from abalone shells. The artist used this shell as a whole or cut into different pieces and then crafts each & every piece. Besides this, it has a bright color due to which the shell looks appealing and unique.

How to buy shell engagement ring?

If you want to make your engagement a little different or memorable then it’s time to go for seashell rings. Also, if you love diamond a lot but it seems too expensive for you then shell ring has been its best alternative. Besides this, many people fantasy is to wear a ring made up of many metals, beads or gems. Well, it is possible as long with the seashell, include the above things in it. Now, here are tips to buy these rings:

  • At first set your budget and then decides what type of seashell ring you want to buy? After this, make a list of various retailers and wholesaler to buy these rings.
  • If you are searching them online, then use keyword “shell rings wholesale.” It will suggest you the name of wholesalers along with their products and price.
  • Well, your nearby retail stores are also a good option however it is not idol if you are looking for multiple designs.
  • Also, make sure that both of you i.e. groom and bride takes a measurement of their finger. It should be perfect plus explain all the designs extra stuff you need in your ring.
  • If you like to make your ring colorful, then you can just select the shells of different colors, and the artist will make a colorful ring for both of you.
  • Custom rings are another option in which one can ask the manufacturer to sculpt any unique design, bead, stone, metal or alphabet in it.

Coconut shell rings

Well, rings made from coconut shell sounds not so good at first but when you see them, and then it will mesmerize you with its beauty. Besides this, such jewelry is of unique colors because of the natural texture offered by the coconut shells. Sapelo Shell Rings are the famous one as Sapelo Island is the leading manufacturer of these rings. If you want to look different in a crowd, then such rings give you a funky look with a classic design.

  • Coconut shells are organic stuff due to which it doesn’t cause any harm to the environment.
  • They are even lightweight and very cheap. So, one can have multiple rings at a time and get a new look every day.

What so special about coconut shell rings?

The shell of it a very useful thing and has been used in making various stuff like lamps, utensils, vases, etc. It is unique in its nature and jewelry can be easily made from it. Besides this, the method and procedure used in it are unique however they are mainly hand crafted. Besides this, one can buy it because of the following reasons:


It is very hard to find beautiful jewelry available at a very low price. Besides this, coconut is that stuff which is available readily, and thus its cost is low. However, various artists bring live to these coconut rings and after decoration; they look like some expensive materials. Even many people love to add gems in it, and various colors are applied on it. Along with this, you will not be able to figure out its raw material when you see them. I know many people think that this stuff look cheap, but they look very trendy and beautiful.

Look stylish

When we think about jewelry, then we mainly imagine expensive metals with diamonds and pearls. However, one cannot wear these chunky jewelry all the time but these coconut rings are best, and one can wear it every day. Along with this, they are light weight due to which one can carry it without any problem. Also, they are not only meant for jewelry or rings, but they can also be used as a decorative material. One can just take a string and make a beautiful decorative item from it. It thinks it is the most economical way to decorate your house and make yourself look beautiful. Shell rings South Carolina has been famous for selling such stuff, and one can buy these things from them.

Nature friendly

If you love to use eco-friendly things, then these coconut rings are best for you. They are bio-degradable and very safe to use. Along with this, they do not cause any allergy to anyone and right for those who are very sensitive. Also, you can reuse it in different ways as use it in your dress or just make any jewelry of your own.

One of the most important point about these shell rings that they are unlimited. Also, you can purchase these things online and even go for the custom coconut shell rings. Besides this, these trending shells are an excellent choice when you want to use something very different. These shell rings are very awesome to buy and change your overall look without investing huge money in it.