• Size - 7.5 - 14k Yellow Gold Round Cut Diamond Ladies Womens Channel Set Wedding or Anniversary 2mm Ring Band (.15 cttw) Small Image 1Size - 7.5 - 14k Yellow Gold Round Cut Diamond Ladies Womens Channel Set Wedding or Anniversary 2mm Ring Band (.15 cttw) Large Image 1

Size - 7.5 - 14k Yellow Gold Round Cut Diamond Ladies Womens Channel Set Wedding or Anniversary 2mm Ring Band (.15 cttw)

Sonia JewelsXRG - 39325nm
Price:USD 204.00


Brand, Seller, or Collection NameSonia Jewels
Item Dimensions2 mm
LabelSonia Jewels
ManufacturerSonia Jewels
ModelXRG - 39325nm
MpnXRG - 39325nm
Part NumberXRG - 39325nm
Product Type NameFASHIONRING
PublisherSonia Jewels
StudioSonia Jewels

This dazzling diamond item is set in Pure 14k Yellow Gold. Each one of the diamonds is 100% real and natural. This popular design contains a total diamond weight of 0.15ct.

K is used to determine karats. It means a percentage of gold. 14K is a best type of gold because it contain 25% other metals and 75% gold. It is very helpful for average person because they can get the pure gold. It is soft and malleable by which you can wear it daily.

Every metal have own value but if you use anniversary ring which is made from gold. If you give gold anniversary ring to your wife then their face fill with smile and joy. It is not very expensive by which you can buy it without spending your lots of money.

Love and giving commitment are values that everyone follow in their life, but one day come when you have to declare those values like your wedding day or engagement day. In ring ceremony you exchange rings that express love towards your partner. Choose gold band ring that signifies true value of love. You can buy it in any metal and can also personalize them by writing your spouse name on them.

It is not compulsory that channel ring is made from one metals. It is made with multiple metals by which you can wear with without any hesitation. If you wanted to buy this ring in a very cheap cost then you can buy that ring which is made from platinum.

Diamond is a very expensive stone. It is rich in brightness and sparkles. Due to this reason if diamond is attached in cut rings then it increase the value of rings. It is available in large carat sizes by which it is 100% pure. It contains average number of 58 facets.

Diamond is the most cherished and desirable gemstone. Some people have a new experience to buying a diamond. It does not mean that they have much knowledge about the quality of diamond. The quality of diamond is simple and straightforward. Diamond rings which are imperfection have high clarity and cut.

There are various range of Gold Ring available in different designs and weight. Gold Rings are also available in 10k, 14k, 18k, 22k and 24k gold. There prices range according to their design, weight and form of gold used in making ring. 24k is more expensive than other form as it is purest of all form of gold.

Ladies rings contain precious stones such as diamonds, ruby, sapphires and much more. Due to this reason it is very precious for ladies. If your anniversary is come and you want to give her gift then you can give him ring. Petal design of ladies rings is very popular then you can give her.

Round rings are available in many sizes and designs by which you can choose it without any problems. The best thing of this ring it is hundred pure. It does not contain impurities by which it is very precious. If you want to buy gold round ring then 24k is a best option.

At the time of wedding, bride collect lots of jewelry. But they give their attention to collect rings. But they are unable to collect their favorite designs. But if they use sets rings then they can easily collect rings of their favorite designs. It does not very expensive by which they can afford it.

In wedding rings you can write your partner name. Due to this reason people are excited to wear it. You can write the date of wedding and much more things in ring. It is available in many shapes, designs and colors. It creates a loving connection between bride and groom.

Women rings are available in many colors by which it is very easy to buy. It is said that women does not do shopping fast due to this reason their husband worry about it. But if they buy rings then they never take lots of time because they find lots of designs of women ring.

Yellow rings are also designed with diamond also. Diamond yellow rings are hot picks of this era. It is the best choice for girls. Yellow diamond ring are mostly designed by accenting diamond in 18k gold. This ring looks very simple and elegant to wear. It radiates spark and glitters when you wear in your finger.

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