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Size 8 - 10k White Gold Ladies Womens Diamond Wedding Ring (1/4 cttw.)

Sonia JewelsXRX - 56900
Price:USD 271.00
  • Pure, Real & Natural Diamonds - GUARANTEED
  • 10K Gold GUARANTEED, Authenticated with a 10K Stamp
  • .25 Total Diamond Carat Weight
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  • *** FREE Velvet Ring Box ***


Brand, Seller, or Collection NameSonia Jewels
CreatorSonia Jewels
Item Dimensions0 mm
LabelSonia Jewels
ManufacturerSonia Jewels
ModelXRX - 56900
MpnXRX - 56900
Part NumberXRX - 56900
Product Type NameFASHIONRING
PublisherSonia Jewels
StudioSonia Jewels

10k White Gold Ladies Womens Diamond Wedding Ring (1/4 cttw.)

10k rings more cheap and affordable for every class of people. There are good range of designs and good collection of 10k rings. People mostly prefer 10k rings over other rings for gifting purpose. As it looks pretty good and beautiful. It looks so simple and elegant to wear it.

Making of Diamond Ring is not so simple and easy task. It is quite fascinating and interesting. Creating a polished diamond ring can take many years to complete it. Making diamond ring needs skills and knowledge. It is not easy or simple that is why diamond rings are quite expensive.

10k gold ring is beautiful alternative and an affordable option but the pure form of gold is 24k. But it is difficult to use for jewelry that’s why it is best to have 14k gold. It usually includes 58.5% pure gold. 14k pure gold is most popular and it is first choice in USA.

Ladies rings are decorated with gemstones and other precious material also. Gemstones have astrological beliefs also but it is used for decorating ladies ring also. Rings decorated with gemstone are quite expensive and does not fit in everyone’s budget. So it s not preferred and purchased by most of the people.

Wedding ring symbolizes the eternal love and bond of relation. It was connected to valuable and precious moment of wedding. In western custom wedding ring is the main ornament that is exchanged between bride and groom. Exchanging ring custom was practiced is Ancient Rome. And now it is followed everywhere.

White ring is graded by color as today’s white gold is not white enough. White ring is a jewelry that is rarely made from 20Kt pure gold as it is rather expensive or soft. But white ring like W.R cobb’s are reputed gold that is white as your granny’s white gold.

Women engagement rings indicate that the person who is wearing is going to be married, especially in western cultures. In these countries women mostly worn ring. Women can wear rings feature diamond, gold or other gemstones. In some western countries women and men wear matching rings. Rings show the bond between two people.

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