Tanishq Jewelry – 100% Quality & Beauty!

Indian’s love for jewelry, especially gold, is famous worldwide. However, jewelry making and selling in India is majorly an unorganized field of business. As a result, there is a risk of high possibilities of fraud. That is why, you should deal with companies which encourage faith and bring authenticity to the business. Tanishq jewelry would be just what you need!

Tanishq is one of the largest, fastest growing and most desirable jewelry brands in India. The company name is derived from Tan (i.e. body) and Ishq (i.e. love). It is a part of Titan Company Limited, a corporation promoted by the India's largest conglomerate Tata Group. Tanishq started in 1994. Today this company is known for their high quality production, reliability, and authenticity, excellent marketing and manufacturing skills.

World-known Tanishq collections

Tanishq presents wide variety of exclusive jewelry, provides a huge selection of gold, diamond, pearl and ruby jewelry including rings, bangles, bracelets, necklaces, etc. The major product lines are offered in the fields of gold, platinum and diamond. The company offers certificates for their production, which make it easier for buyers to purchase and sell jewelry. This way, customers can buy the production without fear of being cheated.

Today a great number of showrooms throughout the world offer amazing Tanishq jewelry. Such amazing collections as Diamond collection, Wedding Collection and Zoya Collection are known all over the world for their quality and stunning design of jewelry pieces. Diamond jewelry comes with special certificates of authenticity that proves the karatage, clarity and color of the diamonds. Apart from Tanishq jewelry, you may also like Stackable Birthstone rings which are also come with proper documents.

Awesome designs of Tanishq rings

Tanishq has probably the best collection of jewels which are modern in their styles, but traditional in their inspiration. In other words, it is a mix or a fusion of western and traditional designs. Lovely unique designs include inspirations of eternity, flora, sculpture, ancient temples, and even Persian carpets.

Tanishq rings are mostly designed for urban women who try to balance both a family and career and demand accessories that fit their style and way of leaving. Unique minimalistic designs of rings fit perfectly with the career oriented ladies.

Without doubt, gorgeous Tanishq rings would be a great gift for a wedding, anniversary, birthday or other special occasion. If you still hesitate over purchasing a fine gemstone ring, you may also want to look through catalogs of such brands as Simon G rings, which is known for its quality, or Warren James rings and compare their stunning designs.