The Most Trendy And Beautiful - The Enamel Rings

This can be called the advancement and modernization era. Men have modernized almost everything around him even the jewelry. The contemporary jewelry these days is becoming more and more popular among each group of people. One of this contemporary jewelry includes enamel rings. However, this work has a very rich historical background the enamel jewelry is gaining popularity with the modernization.

Before starting the discussion about enamel jewelry let us first understand its basics and about how enameling is done.

What is enamel?

Enamel, also known as porcelain enamel is a substance made by mixing powdered glass and a substrate by usually sacking between 750 to 850 °C. This powder after melting flows and turns into a hard and smooth substance. This is normally used as a coating on metals, ceramics or glasses. Enamel is said to be very durable and easy to handle.

It can also be said as a decorative coating that is nowadays very popular in making jewelry. It looks like a baby powder at initial stages and afterward takes vivid colors.

What was the history of enameling?

This technique of enameling has existed since ages. The ancient men used this technique to form various articles. While talking about enamel jewelry, it is as old as the 4th century. It was used by Greeks and Egyptians, and then it became very popular among others due to its lustrous and colorful qualities.

Why is enamel jewelry so popular?

Nowadays people love enamel jewelry, and the reason for this is its outstanding and compatible qualities with today’s world. Some of the reasons that make enamel jewelry so compatible are:

  • Durable- enamel rings or enamel jewelry is chosen by people because of its long lasting nature. It can be worn many times and yet it won’t lose its shine and will look like new.
  • Safe- it does not cause any harm to the health of the person wearing it. They are skin friendly and safe to use.
  • Affordable- enamel rings are not as costly as compared to other gems. They are affordable and yet manage to give the best of the look.
  • Beautiful to look at- these rings apart from being durable look very elegant and trendy.
  • Compatible- these types of ornaments are very compatible as they can be used with a gold ring or silver metal. Also, they go with many types of apparels.
  • Trendy- these ring besides being beautiful to look fashionable too. They can be matched with traditional as well as western outfits.

What are the different types of coating in enamel rings?

These rings come in various types of coatings like opaque, translucent and transparent. Many times the opaque and translucent techniques are confused by many people. The translucency of the enamel depends on the amount of metal oxides contained by the glass and also on the temperature at which it was treated.

When the enamels are treated at a higher temperature, they turn out to be more translucent and durable. And when they are treated at a lower temperature the enamel appears to be more opaque and fragile. The very beautiful and delicate enamel jewelry has a higher value.

What are the different techniques through which enamel rings are made?

Enameling is done by many ways and some of which are explained below:

  1. Champlevé- this word is used in the French language to denote a raised field. This is a technique in which metal is carved, and the enamel is filled in the carved out part. By this technique, the not carved out part of metal is exposed. This technique gives a beautiful texture on enamel jewelry especially rings. It is best suited when precious metals like gold or silver are used.
  2. Plique-à-jou- this is a technique of enameling letting daylight. That means the enamel is made without any support of a base or metal giving it a beautiful transparent look. It gives the appearance of a stainless glass and light could shine through it. While applying this technique of enameling a thin sheet of metal or mica is attached to give it its desired shape.
  3. Taille d’épargne- under this technique the metal comprises of most of the part of enamel jewelry.
  4. Guilloché- this is a technique in which a symmetrical pattern is engraved which is produced by mechanical turning table.
  5. Basse-taille- this technique means having a low cut. Under this technique, the enamel base that is the metal is decorated with designs on which a translucent or transparent enamel coating is placed. The design carved on the metal can be seen through the enamel.
  6. Cloisonné- this is a French word meaning celled. In this technique, as the name denotes the surface metal is divided into various cells with the help of thin wires. These result in making compartments which are filled with fondants of various colors. These compartments are treated at various temperatures as needed to get the desired design. After the pattern is cooled down these metal wires are leveled and then polished.
  7. Painted enamel- as the name denotes this technique means painting of enamels on the even surface. This technique is done in two ways that are Grisaille and Limoges enamel painting. Grisaille painting or graying has a dark background, and then the Limoges is applied on top of it. Limoges is a technique of painting with special kind of enamel painting technique. This is done on dark colored so as to obtain beautifully detailed pictures on it.
  8. Stenciling- a powdered enamel is sifted over the stencil. At the time of firing this stencil is removed and the enamel remains in a little-raised manner.
  9. Sgraffito- this is a technique wherein an unfired layer of enamel is applied ion top of a fired enamel layer. After this, the top layer is carefully treated with a tool to obtain a design. Both the layers are usually kept in contrasting color to give the best effect to the enamel jewelry
  10. Counter enameling- as the name suggests counter enameling refers to the application of enamel at the back side of the metal. This means the enameling layer covers the metal from both the sides to prevent the metal from rusting, cracking and getting damaged.

What are various types of enamel rings?

Enamel jewelry has brought a revolution in the area of jewelry. Not just the old traditional enamel rings, but the new, trendy, and modified enamel rings are becoming more and more popular these days. Some of the various types of enamel rings found today are as follows:

  • Enamel Stackable rings- these are the rings having layers one after the other. These are said to be the latest trend in the jewelry world. Stackable enamel rings are becoming a choice for people every age and gender. Enamel band rings are the unique stackable rings that have interesting patterns and woven details.
  • Gold and enamel rings- these are the rings that are either embedded in gold or have gold as a base. These are valuable than other metal rings and are a wide choice as daily wear ornament.
  • Silver enamel rings- as the gold rings in silver enamel rings; enamel is used on silver metal. These are the popular choice as they look fashionable as well as precious.
  • Enamel and diamond rings- these rings have diamonds embedded on it. They either have gold as a base or silver. These types of rings are also called enamel wedding rings. They are very precious and stunning to look at. Enamel wedding rings are constant requests from buyers.
  • Enamel Napkin Rings- these are also a type of ring, but these are not used as an ornament. They are used for holding napkins, and that is why they are named so.
  • Faberge enamel rings- these are one of the most valuable enamel rings as they are sculpted with very beautiful and stunning superior quality diamonds and enamel.

Apart from the above given lists there are various other type of enamel rings like enamel rings vintage stimulated creations facet interesting designs and 3D textures and also enamel flower rings etc.

The most, famous and trusted enamel rings are those of hidalgo enamel rings and enamel rings UK. They are beautifully designed and offer the best enamel work.

The enamel rings however should be prevented from excess heat to keep them safe for a long time. Enamel work is so much in demand because it can be customized as per the color. It is said that enamel can be available in approximately 200 colors. There can be more colored produced be mixing various enamel colors.

Other than women enamel rings jewelry are best suited for men as well. There is a wide range of men’s enamel ring available in the market today. They have bold and detailed design on them, especially for men.

At the end it can be said that enamel rings can be proved as great alternative to the traditional ring as well as wedding rings. These are the most handy and affordable ring choices.