The Most Versatile Jewelry - Champagne Diamond Rings

Diamonds have been the love of ladies and even the men for ages. Most of the people are generally aware of the white diamonds, but there is a wide beautiful range of colored diamonds. One of the most popular colored diamonds is the champagne colored diamond. The champagne diamond rings are the main attraction to most of the celebrities and a choice for brides as their engagement rings. Champagne colored diamond is one of the most commonly found diamonds in the world. These are known for their subtle color and beautiful sparkle.

What Are Champagne Diamonds?

Champagne diamonds are one of the most popular diamonds among the colored diamonds. They are also known as cognac or brown diamonds. These diamonds are named so because their color resembles the color of Champagne. They resemble a light brown diamond. These diamonds come in simple tones ranging from golden or light brown to dark brown color. Many people have a disbelief that champagne diamonds are not a real diamond, but these diamonds are also natural diamonds having all the qualities of a diamond.

How Do Champagne Diamonds Look?

As stated above champagne diamonds carry a yellow touch that has many shades ranging from light to dark color. They are lustrous and range from pale yellow to light yellow-brown, brownish or fancy yellowish brown. They are basically light brown having an overtone of yellow. It is said that the best champagne diamond has intense color which makes them look more elegant. The colors majorly found in champagne diamonds are:

  • Light champagne
  • Medium Champagne
  • Dark champagne
  • Cognac

These diamonds also have a secondary tint of colors like pink, green or orange. These are however most rare overtones found.

How Are Champagne Diamonds Formed?

Champagne diamonds are naturally formed diamonds. However, there are plenty of synthetic diamonds available in the market, but these diamonds are one of the mostly naturally formed diamonds. It is said that all the colored diamonds get their color due to the elements present in their crystal structure. This crystal structure tends to affect the way the light is absorbed and reflected. In the case of champagne diamonds, their crystal reflects the color we all see.

These diamonds have nitrogen basically that gets trapped during its formation. It is the nitrogen trapped in these diamonds which decides their intensity in color. More nitrogen tends to make the color deeper or darker.

From Where Do We Get These Beautiful Diamonds?

The majority of champagne diamonds come from Argyle mine in Australia. By majority, it means almost 90% of them. Apart from Australia, we find these diamonds in places like Brazil, Russia, Angola, Venezuela, and Borneo.

How The Champagne Diamond Is Graded Based On Its Color?

The GIA (Gemological Institute of America) does not mention the name champagne in its certificate. They rather use the terms like fancy yellow-brown, light brown or similar terms indicating the intensity of its color.

However, the Argyle mine has given them various grades on the bases of their color. These grades range from C1 to C7.

  • C1 to C2 grades are given to diamonds having a lighter champagne color.
  • C3 to C4 grades denote diamonds having a medium tone of champagne color
  • C5 to C6 grades are given to those having a dark color.
  • C7 graded diamond is said to be cognac diamonds.

How Champagne Diamonds Rings Are Evaluated On The Basis Of Their Quality?

Quality evaluation of champagne diamond is same as other colored diamonds. The basis to evaluate its quality is mainly three. Namely – color, cut and clarity.

Evaluation of color: colored champagne diamond is again evaluated on three bases which are- hue, saturation, and tone.

  1. Hue - Hue is the color of the stone that is visible. Their hue is generally brown, and the most valuable diamonds have intense hue.
  2. Saturation - it refers to the intensity level of the diamond. More saturated the diamond is, more will be its value.
  3. Tone - Tone means the darkness of a color. As compared to other brown diamonds champagne diamond has a lighter tone. It is said that diamonds with a darker tone are valuable. This is because they are rarely found. Also, many diamonds come with an overtone or secondary tone. Pink, orange or green secondary tones are hard to find in a champagne diamond making them valuable

Evaluation of cut: it is said that more significant the cut of a diamond is more valuable it will be. It defines the brilliance of the diamond. However, for the champagne colored diamond brilliance becomes less important as it is not much visible. Here cut is important as it increases its intensity and makes it look darker.

Evaluation of clarity: by clarity, it means the flaws and defects of a diamond are less visible increasing its sparkle and making it more valuable. The method of evaluating the clarity of champagne diamonds is the same as that of other diamond. However, clarity factor is not much needed in the diamonds with a darker color as the impurities are hidden by its color itself.

The above-stated factors are helpful in defining the quality of a diamond ring or any other champagne diamond jewelry.

How Valuable Champagne Diamond Rings Are?

The diamonds having a darker shade of color are said to be more valuable as compared to the lighter ones. Therefore the color of champagne diamonds is one of the main factors in influencing its price. On the color grading graph the colors having grades, from C1 to C3 are commonly found, and therefore they are less expensive.

The champagne diamonds are said to be more affordable than other colored diamonds. Their versatility and ability to match with many types of apparel make them demandable and valuable. These diamonds are a popular choice among people due to their affordability.

Other factors that play an important role in deciding the price of champagne diamonds is defined by the famous 4 C’s. They are color, cut, carat and clarity.

  • Color - as defined above, darker the color more will be the value of the diamond
  • Cut - a more specific cut of the diamond makes it valuable as significant cut makes the diamond looks darker and intense. The cut also defines how much a diamond makes use of light.
  • Carat - weight of the diamonds is defined in carats. It is obvious that more carat of diamond carries more value.
  • Clarity - this factor is important for light colored champagne diamonds as in the dark-colored diamonds their flaws are less significant.

Among the champagne diamonds, there are some diamonds which have gained popularity all over the world. Some of the famous champagne diamonds are:

The Golden Jubilee Diamond- it is the most known champagne diamond. It is known as the largest faceted diamonds in the whole world. It roughly weighed 755 carats. This diamond was discovered in the Cullinan Diamond mine of South Africa in 1985. At first, it was known as “Unnamed Brown, ” and afterward in 1997, it was gifted to the king of Thailand to celebrate his reign. It is a highly precious and valuable diamond having the worth of approximately between $5 million- $12 million.

The Golden Pelican Diamond- this is another very famous champagne diamond available in the world. It is said to be weighed almost 69.93 carats and was mounted in a 14 karat gold band. This was also discovered in one of the mines of South Africa. It was later auctioned in 1970. This diamond carries a value of approximately $3 million.

What Are The Things That Must Be Kept In Mind Before Going For a Purchase of Champagne Diamond Rings?

Choosing diamond is not an easy job. There are a lot of steps that must be considered before you buy a diamond. Some of the main things are:

  • Decide on the shape of diamond you would like to purchase
  • Set a budget for the purchase of diamond and look for the rings under your budget.
  • Decide on the weight or carat of diamond you would prefer.
  • It is better if the diamond ring has high cut quality. So make sure your diamond has a good cut quality.
  • Set a color for your ring and see to the clarity of the diamond. If you are going for a light colored diamond, you should give more importance to the clarity.
  • Make sure you have various options out of which you can compare or match the carat of diamond.
  • See to all the additional characteristics in a diamond like a girdle, culet, fluorescence, etc. and make sure all the characters are best suited to your choice.
  • Compare the diamonds and then choose the best diamond out of them
  • The very important step is to see whether you diamond is GIA certified or not.

After following these suggestions, you are all set to purchase a beautiful champagne diamond ring. This colored diamond has been a choice of many royalties and celebrities. It is also very popular among the common people due to its affordability and versatility.