Wood Rings – All You Should Know About Wooden Rings

Have you ever heard about wooden rings? Well, I bet that most of you didn’t even know that such ring exists. These rings are just like metal rings however they are made of woods. I know it sounds strange but trusts me, these rings are incredibly beautiful and the best alternative to metal rings. Besides this, wood rings are of different types plus one can add their favorite metal like gold, silver or platinum in it. After reading the above content, I know most of you want to know about it more. So, stick to this material as it is going to describe everything about wooden rings.

What are wooden rings?

Just like different metal used to make jewelry in including rings, different woods have been used to make rings known as wood carved rings. Besides this, they are not only meant for marriage, but one can gift it to their spouse, parents, siblings, relatives and friends. Now, let’s know the basics of buying such rings. Many people are not very used to the rings made up of woods, and thus they don’t know where to look for it? So, take a look at the below-mentioned tips and shop it smartly.

Tips for buying beautiful wood rings

The guide is going to describe the things you should look into wooden rings. So, let’s start this very useful guide:

Consider the quality of woods

Woods are the primary raw material in these rings and thus wood quality matters in it. Now, the next question arises as which type of wood is best for making these rings? Let me tell you that there are multiple options regarding woods and they are:

  • Sandalwoods
  • Maple, Applewood and walnut woods
  • Oak, hickory, and eucalyptus woods, etc.

These are some of the high-quality woods plus they fall in the category of hardwoods. Hardwoods have always been used to make wood rings because it will give them a hard, smooth and beautiful look. Besides this, each of them offers beautiful grain designs, and because of this, every single ring is made with unique designs. Along with this, there are many rings which are created with endangered woods and thus many legal problems associated with such type of rings.

Endangered wood rings are however legal to buy only when a sustainable means has been used to collect these woods. Besides this, such wood rings jewelry are expensive than the other rings because they are very limited in number.

Hand carved wood rings or rings made with modern techniques

People are just crazy about the handcrafted version as they are just perfect plus never lose its natural beauty. Rings made with the modern technology are also beautiful however they are not beautiful as the rings made in traditional way. Along with this, regarding price wooden rings are expensive plus it takes a lot of time to make it. So, if you want such ring at an instant, then it is better to buy rings made from machines.

The reason why most of the people chose hand carved rings because they find it unusual and unique in its way. In comparison to color, texture, and beauty, it has no comparison with rings made with different methods or technique.

Idol metal for your woods rings

As said before, one can improve the appearance and value of their ring just by adding metal in it. Taking about the idol metal then no single mental doesn't work well with the woods. Woods and metals are those substances that complement each other very well. There is an extensive list of these metals and let’s take a look at them:

  • Titanium and wood rings

The metal has been in trend because it is a hypoallergenic and great alternative for those who are allergic to certain metals. It is biocompatible due to which it is the first choice of many people. Talking about its quality then it is scratch resistance, resist tarnish and even corrosion. It is very light in weight, and its tan appearance makes it look more beautiful. When titanium is combined with woods, then it will create a masterpiece plus it is highly durable.

  • Cobalt & wood rings

If you want a traditional look, then cobalt is the best metal to choose for your wood ring. It is equally good as titanium wood rings, and its appearance is just like white gold. Taking about its hardness then it hardens then other metals. Again, cobalt is hypoallergenic, and your ring will not irritate your skin.

  • Wood and stone rings

Stones are like a priceless gift from nature as its natural pattern, color and texture is just breathlessly beautiful. Taking about the different stone options then it can be available in different colors and design. One can combine these stones with the wood rings and get a ring of the unique ring. Along with this, you can even try the following metals:

  • Wood and silver rings is another option and also a very sound investment.
  • Different people also consider gold, but it is not an excellent option if you are looking for durability. It is very soft and scratched very easily.

Above mentioned all the metals are excellent but make sure that they are pure & real. Many manufacturers trick their clients to earn a profit.

Custom wood rings – what so special about them?

The entire world is familiar with the custom rings as these are those rings in which one can add their design, name, color, alphabet, etc. in it. These types of rings are best when you need to gifts someone a very special gift. Besides this, these rings are epic, and one adds their sweet & special memories into it.

  • When it is about custom rings, then people mainly go for bent wood rings as these are those rings which made with a different method. The main benefit of it is that even a very complicated design can be carved in it through this method.
  • Whether it is about birthday, anniversary or wedding, custom jewelry has been the best choice which makes your every moment special.
  • Besides this, touch wood rings have been the first selection of the jewelry lovers as it is unique color depth and stylish look very amazing.

Exotic wood rings – why they are better than real metal rings?

Women juts love diamond rings however they are now concerned about wooden rings more. There are multiple of reasons that explain that all wood rings are even better than rings made from any other material.


Jewelry is expensive because they are digging out deep into the earth and thus it is very limited. Along with this, its construction process is very complicated, and this makes it costly. In the case of wood rings then they are also derived from nature i.e. tree, but it is very safe for the environment. Besides this, they are even good for the health of the person who is wearing it as it is hypoallergenic. So, there is no clause for allergies and skin problems. Woods are renewable resources due to which it is, totally healthy for our environment and everyone has loved its eco-friendly nature.

Save money

A middle-class person always thinks about their budget when they heard word jewelry. However, rings with woods are not that costly, and regarding beauty, it has no comparison. One can buy it even when they have a small budget and if your heart is craving for precious metals then add them to your ring. The combination of wood and metal is still not expensive plus its look is ever better than a simple metal ring. A hand carved wooden rings are so easy to get and required a little money to buy it.

Offer customization

These rings can be carved in future when you want to change its design and appearance. Taking about the best part about it then you can go for different designs with the same ring. Along with this, one can convert their wooden rings into a wood clip rings or in any other design they like. Along with this, you can even change the metal inserted between the pieces of woods. So, you will get multiple options to transform your single ring and give it an entirely different look.


Many people think that the solid wood rings are not high however it is as strong as metals. The process and technique used in its construction ensure that the rings are crafted well. Even in water, it is not able to spoil it plus these are even non-reactive substance. Taking about its strength then they do not break very easily, and its beauty remains for a long time.

So, this is all about wood rings Chicago and hope so the information mentioned here help you to go with a real woods ring. So, go for it and get a beautiful wood ring for your loved ones. Gift them the most heart touching gift of their life.